Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Front Page Onetindrum

A fortunate day for Etsy treasuries. My treasury made it to the front page! I chose an assortment of white treasures that had a tint of blue hue to add the feeling of cold. The theme was snow which I do very much miss being that I live in sunny California but yet I remember those times back east on wintery days and lounging about in snowy stillness. Sam's work takes center stage in this treasury.

Below is Sam's vibrant treasury full of mossy and yellow greens which also made it to the Front page of Etsy and it features one of my own creations, the strange elephant with the unicorn horn on its head. A wonderful collection of works that complimented one another well.

I have a fondness for elephants but I had the idea of mixing various animals together though I didn't want to come off too hokey. I decided to mix in a bit of rhino together with possibly a lop-eared rabbit and unicorn. I hand inked this work with a brush and then hand painted the body with watercolor. I would like to try some more of these imaginary animals in the future which might lead to something rather different, like perhaps a cow mix with a walrus, etc.

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