Monday, December 29, 2008

Listening to ones own voice

We all had a wonderful Christmas this year. Isabella awoke to the surprise at finding a gigantic sized Totoro waiting for her Christmas morning on the couch. Sam, my wife was able to sew the Tortoro together once we got the necessary fabric and she made a few sketches of the design. I am still amazed and intrigued by what Sam is able to do with a sewing machine. I have spent several days reading and lounging about doing odd sketches of future things to draw or focus in on. Often it is difficult to know where to move forward on an idea until it is drawn over a few times. I know that Etsy appears to lean towards a certain look and it's very tempting for an artist to stray to what is apparently fashionable or popular in the way of art. Despite all urging to draw or paint what I feel will sell, I will continue to follow my own process wherever that leads me. I have recently worked on two very subtle and charming watercolor portraits of children, one of a former student and the other of my daughter. I am discouraged in the process of creating a digital reproduction of my work for viewing on the internet, as my home technology is somewhat obsolete. Watercolor pictures I find are so very difficult to scan. However, with much fiddling around on photoshop, I am able to create the closest likeness to the originals as possible. Tonight I will have submitted two new works into my shop: the first being a portrait of Eddy and the other a surreal drawing of an entangled armed figure with the aim of eating pie.

I will post them here on the blog for viewing. I will be sad to see our beautiful tree go with its twinkling lights and the amusement it gave the cats who chased around it at morning and the bunny who napped beneath it at night.

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