Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

I have recently posted a new addition to my shop being a watercolor portrait of my daughter Isabella. I was short of sources of inspiration from which to make portraits and realized that I could do a number of paintings focused on Isabella's face. I do prefer to make portraits where there is no emotional attachment to the subject so that I can add to it my own emotional interpretation as it comes. So it is New Years Eve and Sam and Isabella are sitting at the table doing their art after eating homemade chili while Mabel, our rabbit is nibbling away at the Christmas tree. I never do see New Years as being a fresh start into a new year or have I given credence to making resolutions but I will give it my best try this new year. I find it difficult to break from any habit whether I believe it to be good or bad. I have only found new ways to structure my time to devote to conquering bad habits or constructing new ones. Life draws away my attention and distracts me from my aims unless I am mindful enough to do something about it. I suppose I would like to make two resolutions concerning creativity: 1) sketching for 30 minutes a day 2) looking at life differently each day by viewing something beautiful, or by altering something common into something new that wasn't there before. This morning for example I had the urge to draw in brush and ink a face on our honeydew melon.

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