Friday, January 30, 2009

Lemon Tree

Today was a very beautiful spring like day in the middle of winter and I had to take the day off of school due to feeling sick but was able to venture outside for a walk to the post office. Sam has already given out the news about the baby and we were shocked and surprised to find that it is a boy! We have already given him a name as well, which happened very suddenly on the ride home from the ultrasound appointment. We have since then found a baby crib as well as a baby swing for free online from a wonderful lady in Walnut Creek. Sam has been stitching together new pants as well as tee shirts with unique patches on them for the baby too. One of the drawings in my shop of an elephant drinking soda was inspired in the hope of the baby's health and prosperity. My latest drawings have been an odd sort of rather poor and lonesome looking creatures that look somewhat tortured as well as helpless. I have given them doll bodies that contain useless limbs and decided to keep them from being completely colored which I have had my own debate about. I love the boldness of black ink painted line on white paper but color of course my be more appealing to buyers. Nonetheless, I will stick to my own taste and see what develops later. I was happy to receive a sale just this week of the fantasy elephant print which has gained some popularity in my shop. I is truly a unique and wonderful thing that one can have their art appreciated and bought by others to be added into their home and mixed within someone own unique and separate culture. I look forward to having the time to begin making paintings again but hope to continue working with these odd drawings for the time being. I only wish I could scan them in to my blog more frequently. I have gathered an abundance of lemons from the back yard of the building and have made lemon bars for Sam and Isabella, and I enjoy adding them into glasses of water.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Remembering snow on perfect spring-like days

Last years winter trip to Sequoia National Park- you can see Isabella at the bottom to get a sense of the scale of General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world.

Another perfect blue day which says 'spring' in the middle of winter. The weather here has given students a spring fever and even the flowers are blooming unexpectedly in places. I have been working on several little drawings for the fun of it though I doubt that I will place them on Etsy. I will most likely be venturing in the space of experimentation for the present. We'll see where the sketching gets to in the future but I am enjoying just sitting down and working for 30 minutes or so a day. Some drawings I go back to again, to change or add color with markers. I also took myself out jogging around the lake here in Oakland which is a huge feat for me as I haven't been running since last summer. Later in the day Sam, Isabella and I went for a stroll in the garden within the park across the street. We thought of how much we would miss the Redwood trees, hummingbirds and bonsai trees when we move back to the east. I will try to soak up all that I can with wonderful California before I move away this summer. I do also miss the snow...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have posted a new drawing lately though I do wish I could do so much more. School has me busy, busy, busy and I have giving the other remaining time to the business of family. I believe that I may have to modify my work to suit my circumstance, such as if I worked in a confined apartment in the city, I might want to stick to making tiny paintings. In this case, I should like to find a mode of working that is not as labor intensive and demanding as the other commitments in my life are. I am thinking that I have only brief moments to sit down and so I will need to find work that allows me to get up and leave it when I need to without jeopardizing the process of the work. Drawing in ink and brush is certainly that sort of thing, while doing a painting is not so. In a painting I am compelled to stay with it until I have a feeling that tells me that I have done enough.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I sold an elephant

I am thrilled! I sold a print recently and I got off the 18 mark of sold items, and I am now at 19. My sales are few but I am sure that things will progress as my work builds. I have sold some really wonderful paintings and I will love to have the chance in spring to begin painting outside again when the weather is sunny and warm. I am ever so busy since going back to work so I will have to be extra diligent in keeping my resolution of drawing each day for 30 minutes. Once I get down a routine of drawing I begin to feel a greater flow to putting things down on paper. I have also begun reading a new book called 1491, which is about the indiginous people of the Americas before Columbus. It is truly fascinating.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hooray, we made the front page!

The latest treasury I posted was displayed on the front page of Etsy and did remarkable well. I noticed that there were several sales by the artists included and I am happy for them. Sam was also in the treasury and sold a handmade owl print ornament and I am very happy for her too!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sliced melon head

Mabel loves reading the classics.
Today was a peaceful Saturday, which to me means: a stroll into town with Sam and Isabella, past the farmers market, sitting down with a frappacino (green tea and whipped cream), Isabella playing in circles at the park, sitting and reading books at the public library, getting treats (peach cobbler) at the store. Another day here and gone so soon and only one more day until school resumes and its back to teaching my 2nd graders. Some time has been spent in preparation for constructing lesson plans and of course art has been put off. I did some sketching this evening of a boy in my class whose character has always intrigued me. His watercolor portrait was sold in my little online shop and I was thinking of possibly making another. Well I have added a new gadget on my blog that should track some of the wayward travelers that may accidently stumble on to my blog but I know that for the most part I am writing all this in a vacuum. Despite my return to work on Monday, I will pledge to remain loyal to my New Year's resolutions of creativity. I can even try finding some inspiration from my young pupils who live each day looking at the world with fresh eyes. I will end this day by including a photo de-evolution of the honeydew melon head captured in a former post.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sampan floating in a bowl

A new post just added to my shop!

The days have felt short so we were busy today as if there was no time to lose. Mabel the bunny is nudging me for pats while I sit at the computer and I find it hard to resist giving her most of my attention. We took down the ornaments and took out the tree which was dropped down from our patio to be brought around to the curb rather than drag it through the building where it would leave a path of needles. This has been a day of reorganization as well as creativity. I sat down to begin a sketch of a new imaginary animal using some various nature photographs to inspire me. I decided to begin with the head of a horse and continue with the features of a giraffe with a long neck mixed with the body of both plus a zebra. I sat down at the table driven to ink the image with brush to get down a steady picture and then brought out my acrylics to paint in the body. Acrylics are not my medium of choice as they tend to dry too rapidly but they are more opaque then watercolour and not as fussy as gouache. I am surprise to say that it came off okay and I have yet to scan in the image on our humble equipment to see how it translates digitally. I don't see myself sticking to any particular theme or subject, as one can note by the appearance of my shop but I can surely imagine the benefits of doing so. I will add in a picture of Mabel and the Christmas tree and below my new look at life for today.