Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have posted a new drawing lately though I do wish I could do so much more. School has me busy, busy, busy and I have giving the other remaining time to the business of family. I believe that I may have to modify my work to suit my circumstance, such as if I worked in a confined apartment in the city, I might want to stick to making tiny paintings. In this case, I should like to find a mode of working that is not as labor intensive and demanding as the other commitments in my life are. I am thinking that I have only brief moments to sit down and so I will need to find work that allows me to get up and leave it when I need to without jeopardizing the process of the work. Drawing in ink and brush is certainly that sort of thing, while doing a painting is not so. In a painting I am compelled to stay with it until I have a feeling that tells me that I have done enough.

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