Friday, January 30, 2009

Lemon Tree

Today was a very beautiful spring like day in the middle of winter and I had to take the day off of school due to feeling sick but was able to venture outside for a walk to the post office. Sam has already given out the news about the baby and we were shocked and surprised to find that it is a boy! We have already given him a name as well, which happened very suddenly on the ride home from the ultrasound appointment. We have since then found a baby crib as well as a baby swing for free online from a wonderful lady in Walnut Creek. Sam has been stitching together new pants as well as tee shirts with unique patches on them for the baby too. One of the drawings in my shop of an elephant drinking soda was inspired in the hope of the baby's health and prosperity. My latest drawings have been an odd sort of rather poor and lonesome looking creatures that look somewhat tortured as well as helpless. I have given them doll bodies that contain useless limbs and decided to keep them from being completely colored which I have had my own debate about. I love the boldness of black ink painted line on white paper but color of course my be more appealing to buyers. Nonetheless, I will stick to my own taste and see what develops later. I was happy to receive a sale just this week of the fantasy elephant print which has gained some popularity in my shop. I is truly a unique and wonderful thing that one can have their art appreciated and bought by others to be added into their home and mixed within someone own unique and separate culture. I look forward to having the time to begin making paintings again but hope to continue working with these odd drawings for the time being. I only wish I could scan them in to my blog more frequently. I have gathered an abundance of lemons from the back yard of the building and have made lemon bars for Sam and Isabella, and I enjoy adding them into glasses of water.

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