Monday, January 19, 2009

Remembering snow on perfect spring-like days

Last years winter trip to Sequoia National Park- you can see Isabella at the bottom to get a sense of the scale of General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world.

Another perfect blue day which says 'spring' in the middle of winter. The weather here has given students a spring fever and even the flowers are blooming unexpectedly in places. I have been working on several little drawings for the fun of it though I doubt that I will place them on Etsy. I will most likely be venturing in the space of experimentation for the present. We'll see where the sketching gets to in the future but I am enjoying just sitting down and working for 30 minutes or so a day. Some drawings I go back to again, to change or add color with markers. I also took myself out jogging around the lake here in Oakland which is a huge feat for me as I haven't been running since last summer. Later in the day Sam, Isabella and I went for a stroll in the garden within the park across the street. We thought of how much we would miss the Redwood trees, hummingbirds and bonsai trees when we move back to the east. I will try to soak up all that I can with wonderful California before I move away this summer. I do also miss the snow...

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