Monday, February 16, 2009

Rainy Days

We are dormant in this gray atmosphere. staying in from the ceaseless rain that has blown in and out these past two days. I had hoped to get out for some painting on the patio but the weather says that it is not yet the time to dabble in oils, as we know water and oil don't mix. There is hope that the clouds above us will break and we will have some clear blue sky today and so there may be room for some adventure on my day off. Sam my wife is looking more maternal these days as the baby continues to grow well inside her and I am anxious to get some pictures of her sporting her lovely round tummy. I don't believe I ever saw one single picture of my mother while she was pregnant and she carried 5 children to term. It is a wondrous thing to watch the progression of Sam's pregnancy. Some time will pass without much noticeable difference in her belly shape or size and then it appears as if overnight that she has grown an inch or so. The baby kicks when Sam is excited or at rest but sleeps when Sam is active. Oh, the sky is turning blue before my eyes and the rain has stopped, what luck. Today we have gone to Trader Joe's to restock our frig and now we are going to sit down to enjoy a nice lunch consisting of soup and fancy cheese bread. I am not sure what to do today,,, hmmm stay in and do tax stuff, sketch out something new for Etsy (which feels void of sales at this time) or set out on a trip. Lately, I have been doing some sketching of faces inspired by German Expressionist, Max Beckman, Otto Dix, etc. I am trying to move into a new style of drawing with the hopes of breaking out of old stylistic habits. I have an interest in subjects that express a sense of vulnerability and border on struggle or inner conflict,, torture. Oh,, it's time to eat,, I must be off so that my soup doesn't get cold.

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