Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sam in crayon

Look carefully for the Rain

Saturday we went to the Lawrence Hall of Science after having a wonderful breaksfast at the Rockridge Cafe in Berkeley where I got a spinach, bacon and goat cheese omelette (I learned that I am not fond of melted goat cheese). Isabella had a blast, especially in the Grossology section where animal and insect automatons were set up to teach children science in a game show type arena. Before leaving the house in the morning I found an interesting weather information center that contains time delay videos shot from Lawrence Hall over looking the Bay Area, extending from San Mateo to Marin. We noticed in some of the videos that people could be seen flashing about here and there near some grassy hill in the forefront of the exquisite everchanging sky and landscape. So Isabella and I agreed that we wanted to find a way to get on the video itself which shows the skyline changes in a whole 24 hour period. We had some difficulty finding it when we got there and were preoccupied with the exhibits inside. At the end of our many hour visit in Lawrence Hall we made our way to the basement of the center to an animal visiting room. Isabella in five minutes time got to hold two snakes, one around her neck (a python) and a dove on her finger. What a lucky girl. Isabella has also touched a full grown alligator, lizards, a boa constrictor, chinchilla, a large cockatoo, sea cucumber, starfish, sea anemones, frogs, deer, goats, cows, sheep and I know that I am forgetting some but she has really had a lot of contact with animals. We finally found that the camera to the site was stationed from one of the back windows and that a path led behind the science center from the nearest parking lot. Later today I looked up yesterdays video but I am not convinced the video is yesterdays and the date at the end of the video is marked for Friday's date so I will check tomorrow again to see if I can find Isabella and I. I will also add a crayon drawing I did of Sam while we were at the Rockridge Cafe. The hostess gave paper and crayons to Isabella and she shared them with me.

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