Friday, March 6, 2009

Self Portrait

So I have been making my school lunches at night and in the morning I have now a good 15 minutes to do a self portrait. I have noticed that they are getting more detailed as I do this. Yesterday's portrait resembles most the state I was in, which was exhausted and weary-eyed. This is evident in the drawing which was disproportioned and containing fuzzy lines. Not much else has happened in the way of art. Sam's womb is growing bigger daily and the knots are moving further along the string which we use to measure her belly each week. I can't believe how fast things move and yet last year feels so very far away when I try to remember back to something. Socrates is standing on the desk before me, trying to gain my adoration. He has become so connected to me, that on the weekend he waits on the end of the bed for me to awake and when I do he talks to me and sits upon my chest for petting. The other cats are just begin to move out of their adolescence and are still aloof. Damn feline teenagers,, still clawing the couch and fighting one another.

I am excited with Isabella for the Rock and gem show that is taking place tomorrow in Hayward. We love buying unique rock specimens. Isabella has been saving her allowance for weeks, plus I am throwing in 10 bucks for her. The weather has been rainy for the last week but it will be nice and sunny this weekend. I went to a field trip out to Trona which is located out near Mojave Desert where Hanksite, Halite and Borax crystals are found. For one day they dig up mud holes and deposit the rich black clay mud in an area for people to find these gems. I loved digging through the mud and found some fantastic things which had to be washed immediately with brine to clean them. The crystals were evaporate minerals that can easily be dissolved in water though they are sturdy and substantial to behold. The Hanksite can only be found in one other place on earth. They have a dark greenish glow to them and vary in sizes,, some single crystals can be as large as a brick. Anyway, there they had a show where rock could be sold and I found the prices to be very affordable and I came home with Blue Forest Petrified Wood from Wyoming, fire opal, petrified horse teeth, agate, and opal from Australia. I am hoping to find odd things that I haven't come across yet tomorrow. Well we are off to run errands and Sam has just commented on how big her baby belly is getting.

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