Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Self portrait2

We have all been sick here with a cold that seems to get passed back and forth between Sam, Isabella and I. I have continued with the self portraits early in the morning and have had an itch to draw Sam as well, maybe in the evenings. I stayed home from work yesterday with a sinus plugged head but Sam and I went out to get some baby stuff to get ready for his coming. We picked out a car seat, baby tee shirts, receiving blankets and diapers (which I was for the first time clued into how expensive they are). If only I could justify taking off a few more days for my own physical and mental health. I have been wanting to get back to working on a small painting that I have started but must wait for the weekend to do. Tonight also, Mabel the bunny for the first time ever, hopped in my lap and remained there for about 15 minutes while I petted her. We are hoping to coax her into being a lap bunny though she is not at all comfortable with being picked up. She is a real gift and I am always so intrigued by her. I had no idea that rabbits are lovers of closeness and coddling. We are just going to be a house of cuteness when the baby comes along. Sam is getting kicks all day and the movement so strong that I could believe he is trying to club his way out. I remember only not too long ago when no movement could really be detected from within but now there is tons of movement, especially when Sam is eating. Anyway I am just rambling on. I will leave another self portrait drawing- one in which I am scowling.

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