Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snoring Headgear

We have just finished eating dinner and Sam is on the couch reading our old letters to one another. Back in September 1999 Sam and I began writing to one another and this lasted off and on for years. I was so fond of our friendship through this correspondence that I saved all of these letters, most of which were emails, and bound them together. It is such a strange and wonderful thing that two seperated and well distanced souls would end up sharing a common destiny and from our coming together brings in the new existence of Jude, our son to be. Sam has been describing pains that she believes to be contractions as we move closer to the delivery date. At the present we are just in the beginning of week 33 and still have a bit more than a month to go. Sam's tummy sticks out incredibly and I am often caught by surprise as to how her belly is growing. At this point one can look at Sam's belly and occasionally see some very significant poking and jousting from the inside. We now have to sleep separately, Sam on the couch which she prefers and me in the bed, because Sam is more comfortable on the couch which is more sturdy than our bed and due to the fact that I have a snoring problem. Unfortunately I have inherited the snore from my father who could rattle the window panes at night with his. I will look for gimmicky devices that might cure me of my snoring but will not settle for anything involving headgear.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A time for quiet

It has been quite a bit since I last wrote in my blog. Such as things are I suppose as we often have bouts of creativity and experimentation and then recede to periods of self reflection and reorganization. I am enjoying the view of our patio which has come to life with bird song and chirps from an array of feathered creatures. We now have two sets of doves who try to assert themselves over the space we have created for them, though they pay no mind to the smaller birds that cling to the feeders. The broad leafed Japanese maple tree planted in the half wine barrel and makes a nice arc is as green and as lush as ever. This has been a creative lull for me. Etsy has been really slow and I haven't sold anything for several months and have begun to post less often now that money is more tight. I feel that my work has a masculine appeal that may not be suitable for Etsy fame which has a certain kind of look that people are going for. But we will see, maybe things will pick up. My shop is now down to 23 separate items and since my sales have leaned towards my portraits of girls I may decided to continue that effort but I am not so sure I want to make things simply so that they will sell.
Sam, Isabella and I went for a walk in the neighboring park across the street to the gardens there, so full of floral varieties. I took lots of pictures which I will post of the wonders there, my favorite being the palm garden. We laid a blanket down under the canopy of palm leaves to snack on cheerios and dried mango. I ventured off to explore and sneak up on several birds and a squirrel with my camera. I was reminded of how beautiful California is and how you don't need to go far to find it. I will try to take this all in with each breath so that I am full before I leave to move to Canada. Soon our baby Jude and will begin to enjoy some of these sensations as well.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sudden Illness

I have just found my health again after having a bout of the flu or else some psychic hit that blew through me like a storm after my last entry into my blog. It happened rather rapidly, the aches of the head and slight dizziness which got expedentially worse, with hot and cold flashes and an uncomfortable feeling being in my own body. I was stiff in the neck and couldn't stay still or find any place for which to feel at ease and so this began a continuous pacing around the apartment. I ended up only feeling better only after throwing up which left some blood in my mouth. When I went to sleep I awoke in the middle of the night, Sam was out on the couch, and I could not control the rapid side to side movement of my eyes which caused the room to spin. I noticed this sensation again in the morning upon waking but it was less severe and I had trouble balancing. I am not one to get sick often and this sort of hit has only happened one other time during our last break during Christmas. I have had all the worries about having had a hemorrage or some other neurological ailment to which caused this to happen. The odd thing is that these incidences have come and gone so quickly, not typical of the flu as I have known. But I am fortunate to be healthy and have made my own concessions to letting any negativity in. I have had no symptoms since though I have had a tender stomach. I have always known myself to be a sensitive soul and often don't realize all the things that I take in.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stellar Jay Pie

Our patio is now greeted with routine visitors, being both a lovely pair of doves and stellar jays. The jays hop around beneath the feeder to collect seeds and then they are off again. As for the doves they nap often in our wine barrel planters as well as the middle of the patio only mere feet from the glass windows which stand the line up of cats chattering their jaws for them. The call of the jays remind me of our many camping trips to Big Basin where the stellar jay is a common sight and one of the first sounds heard upon waking. Sam's sister Tash has returned home to Oshawa, Canada after spending 2 weeks here in California with us. Her visit here has kept us all quite busy, revisiting all of our favorite Bay Area destinations as well as discovering some new ones. In essence we visited many sandy beaches, giant redwood trees, rolling green hills, and animal sanctuaries. Sam and Isabella were especially upset to see Tash go but we will move to Canada soon to join Sam's family soon. I will leave a picture above of an etching that is in my shop. It is the only one I have left and it depicts a raspberry pie which was created after a real pie that I had made from the raspberries that I picked along the country roads in Eastern Pennsylvania long ago.