Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snoring Headgear

We have just finished eating dinner and Sam is on the couch reading our old letters to one another. Back in September 1999 Sam and I began writing to one another and this lasted off and on for years. I was so fond of our friendship through this correspondence that I saved all of these letters, most of which were emails, and bound them together. It is such a strange and wonderful thing that two seperated and well distanced souls would end up sharing a common destiny and from our coming together brings in the new existence of Jude, our son to be. Sam has been describing pains that she believes to be contractions as we move closer to the delivery date. At the present we are just in the beginning of week 33 and still have a bit more than a month to go. Sam's tummy sticks out incredibly and I am often caught by surprise as to how her belly is growing. At this point one can look at Sam's belly and occasionally see some very significant poking and jousting from the inside. We now have to sleep separately, Sam on the couch which she prefers and me in the bed, because Sam is more comfortable on the couch which is more sturdy than our bed and due to the fact that I have a snoring problem. Unfortunately I have inherited the snore from my father who could rattle the window panes at night with his. I will look for gimmicky devices that might cure me of my snoring but will not settle for anything involving headgear.

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