Monday, May 25, 2009

Catching a Thief- part 2

An older gentleman in his 60's happened to be on the sidewalk near the path to which the thief was heading and I hollered disparately for him to stop him. The older gentleman froze and turned slowly around to watched us both run by but came swiftly behind the chase. The man holding still some of the woman's belongings turned to look at me gaining on him both of us now having run into another car port. He scrambled with his hands to receive something that he was holding and for a brief second it crossed my mind that he might be going for a weapon. Before I got a chance to find out I jumped on him, knocking him to the concrete which caused him to let go of the things he was carrying. In the tussle I discovered that the man was bigger than me by a few inches but I was fighting with every ounce of my being to keep him on the ground. We went several rounds of me holding him face down on the ground, my knee on the back of his knee my arm pressed on the back of his neck shouting at him to stay down, however this man was carried by the strength of flight. He had probably spent much of his life running and he was as determined to get away, as I was to catching him. He was very strong and could counter against my weight upon him but he was also disoriented and lacked coordination which helped me to wheel him around and knock him off his feet. As I held him down I noticed that his shirt had been pulled off in the scuffle and he smelled strongly of one who hadn't bathed in weeks. He slurred his words in mumbling pleads that he didn't do anything. I felt for a while that people were around me watching but I couldn't see them, to risk taking my eyes off of this man. By the third time I pinned the guy to the ground I looked around in a sweaty panic and yelled at them to help me hold him down, that he had punched a woman in the face, that he had robbed her, but I didn't know who I was addressing. The man on the ground yelped in pain and I turned to see the older man finish binding the man's ankles together with his belt. Two girls were there, one ran to the curb to flag a police car down, one guy had laid down a golf club and was helping to pin down the man's legs. Another gentleman took my place and was trying to calm down the guy with a reasonable and level tone of voice quite opposite to my own which was filled with yelling and swearing out of anger I felt. In a moment a taller guy, who was once there and left, returned with a pair of red handcuffs and several of us worked together to cuff the man on the ground. Soon, after the police pulled in and neighbors were giving congratulations to one another for our efforts, I was pointed out for my part and was asked to stay behind to make a statement. Worried about Sam and Isabella waiting for me, I asked the policeman if we could drive up the hill to meet them and I took a short ride in the squad car. Sam didn't seem the least surprised by what happened but had made silent prayers to herself while I was gone while Isabella spent her time weaving a braid of grass. This is a true story and after much personal debate I decided I should write it down in case I might ever forget it.

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