Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chasing a Thief- Part 1

Recently, I met a situation that was both jarring and extraordinary. Sam, Isabella and I were coming home from a dinner out and were merely a block from home when we heard yells or screams of a woman in distress. The sounds were somewhat muffled but were familiar to a domestic dispute sometimes heard when a couple is arguing. However, there was a tone that drew us in with curiosity and worry towards its source. I followed the shouts through two apartment buildings and in my hurried steps I could hear more distinctly the pleas for help as I drew closer. I made my way to the back of a building where a broad fence seperated me from a car port where the tumult was taking place. I had to step up to a ledge to see over the fence and I heard people shouting from the surrounding apartments to call 911. In view I saw a woman stagger out of a car from the drivers side, her face splattered with blood that ran from her nose to her blouse. She stumbled in a confused sort of way holding on to the wall closest to her to steady herself and with a panicked and dazed look in her eyes she continued to call out for help until finally fainting to the ground. Almost at the same instant, a dark African American male came out of the passengers side of the car holding a large brownish purse and started to flee towards the exit of the car port. A man yelled out of one of the apartments that the police would get him and I myself yelled that I could see clearly who he was. Two residents standing at the car port entrance in the position to stop the man, as their was no other escape, hastily moved aside to let the criminal pass. As he ran by them I yelled for them to stop the thief but to no avail, however they began to chase him. I quickly pulled away a wide slat of fence and slid my way into the car port to also take pursuit. I ran out to the street just as the man flipped himself over a fence into a gated complex which put a halt to the two pursuers but I was enraged and determined to catch him. I ran around and down the block with the idea that I could cut him off en route to the next block over by taking a short cut through two buildings before getting to the corner. However this was to no avail as I came to a dead end. I could hear him rustling through yards and barriers ahead though I couldn't see him. I decided quickly to make my way back out the way I came and then head him off at the next street and with adrenaline now pumping I was clear to the corner in seconds. Turning the corner up the street I could see him running out of nowhere across the street and I chased after him.

to be continued....

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