Saturday, June 13, 2009

Events Passed

I am writing just to journal about some recent events that I have not yet noted in my blog. Last Tuesday I was invited to an Adams Point counsel neighborhood watch meeting to receive a commendation for the Oakland Police Department. We went into a historic building where the meeting was to take place and got a chance to sneak around in a couple of rooms including a swimming pool area that dated back to the World War II era, and some fancy ballrooms adorned with exotic antique furniture. I was surprised to see about 8-10 police officers there along with about 14-16 residents. I was given a well framed award that was encased in glass after a well detailed introduction accounting the event of apprehending the thief. It was surely a surreal experience to be such a guest of honor with my neighbors clapping for me. A woman whom I've never met presented me with a check and an officer took down my telephone number to later deliver to us some Oakland Police memorabilia (tee shirt, mug, teddy bear). I was then greeted by the victim who I had witnessed in the attack and mugging. She was still appeared shaken up but she looked healthy and unbruised. Overall, I think of how protected I felt when I tackled the man to the ground and though I noticed he was cut in various places from our scuffle I was left with not a scratch on me. I feel very fortunate indeed.
Sam, Isabella and I went to the Oakland Zoo before all this and I was eager to get some good photographs of the animals. One of the most interesting animals there was the gibbon which with its lengthy and stringy arms could swing in great strides through the branches of a tree. I also got some nice picks of a chimp lazily reclining with her stuffed bunny.

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