Sunday, June 14, 2009

Henna Tattoo on a pregnant belly

Last night while Sam was in the tub she pondered over getting her belly a henna tattoo again after our failed attempt last time. I immediately sat down and got to work. It took a bit getting used to rolling a perfect cone out of a hearty square of plastic but after a few tries I was able to make two decent cones with very narrow tips. I used the henna already mixed from before out of the fridge to fill the cones and taped up the ends. After which I ventured out to the backyard to pick a lemon or two from the lemon tree growing along the fence next store. The lemons were to be used as a sealer after the henna is applied to keep the henna moist so that it doesn't dry out. Making this sealer is just composed of sugar, water and lemon juice in equal portions. So, Sam sat in a wooden kitchen table chair and I immediately got to work. I felt so much more comfortable putting down the henna this time and decided that I just needed to use my intuition as an artist and allow myself to see the big picture altogether rather than focus simply on each line put down. I incorporated many floral elements and a variety of marks that swirled around the central point of Sam's belly button. The end of the cone which held the henna was cut so narrow that the henna often found its way out of the top and all over my hands. In the end my hands were properly hennaed as well as my shirt and several hand towels. We juiced up Sam's belly frequently with the lemon juice solution which we put in a spray bottle. Sam kept herself reclined in a way that kept her belly in a safe position to let the henna dry which takes hours and hours for the dye to really make a stain. Unfortuately the design came out very light which may have something to do with the preparation of the henna or the age of the henna powder. So I took some pictures of the henna belly to share before the henna dried and I am glad I did.

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