Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the now

I am so excited for the baby to come but the days continue and Sam shows no definite sign that the moment is near. With only a few more school days left, I am wondering how the year may indeed finish out. I haven't written for a bit because last week, my computer just up and went kaputz and I couldn't get passed an error screen. As it turned out I had to completely wipe the hard drive clean and manually install the operating systems and drives which caused me to lose all my files and such but nothing was lost that I couldn't do without. Now my computer is running as it first did when I bought it new and I am delighted. I suppose I am just writing this little blog to keep things current. Yesterday, I received a call in which I was asked to attend a meeting where I am to be given a commendation of some sort for catching a man for hitting a woman in the face in an attempt to steal her car and her purse. I chased the guy down and tackled him to the ground. The story is told more clearly in the previous blog entries. Anyway, things are good as they are. I did a jog around the lake, worked on some report cards and now Sam and I are going to watch a movie at home for this evening.

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