Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One week

Well Jude is over a week old already and it seems that each day he looks a bit bigger, his face a bit more defined, his skin clearer and healthier looking. For the most part he is an ideal baby. He doesn't cry very often and sleeps for hours on end and we have to wake him up for a feeding. Fathering feels very natural for me, as his needs appear pretty straight forward; change of diaper, time to feed, a struggle with gas or a bowel movement. He has already gone through so much in the way of being poked and proded, during the many examinations and procedures of doctors and nurses alike. I am often surprised at his size for being so young and he has already demonstrated that he can roll over and occasionally lift his head to look around him. This morning and throughout the day Jude has approached the day with wide contemplative eyes studying the appearance of things close by and bending his head towards the many sounds around him. Our pace has changed dramatically since the birth of Jude. Now we wake late in the morning, our showers take place towards noon and we are not often eating breakfast together but end up taking shifts to do the normal routines which one does to ready themselves for the day. All in all things are really great and we are delighted to have Jude as a new member of our family.

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  1. He is beautiful!! I am a reader of Sam's blog and kept checking for the birth announcement. So, I thought to check yours and voila, it was here. Congrats to you both and tell her Shannon from Helicopter Studios wishes her the very best! Cheers! Good work Sam...whew 9lbs.