Monday, August 24, 2009

Rag rug continued

So now Sam and I are on the next phase of making the braided rag rug and I must admit this by far has been the most tedious step. One obsticle is to braid the fabric together without ending up in a big tangled mess. The trick is to unbraid behind Sam while she is braiding which means shadowing her movements by moving the giant spools of fabric to coincide with the braiding. So braiding actually takes two people and it is a monotonous task to say the least. Sam has cramped her hand out to the point of it hurting and so we are going to take a break for a couple of days and proceed our way forward. We did a sample of what the rug may look like by coiling the braid we have on the floor and it looks tremendous. We still have no idea how big or small our rug will turn out to be but we are still excited to be taking on such an endeavor. In the meantime we have been doing art here and there and I have been jogging every other day around the lake to get myself trim and in shape. But tonight we are going to enjoy a movie with some cookies and ice cream and I will guiltily jog it off tomorrow morning.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

continued progress of the rag rug

So this is the completion of stage three in the process of making a rag rug for our little home. The fabric has a nice sharp look to it without all the fray. I did so much ironing that I developed naturally quicker and more efficient ways of folding the fabric in 1/4 from the edges of the fabric with one hand while ironing with the other simultaneously. I actually felt ironing was a very peaceful and cathartic activity and spent hours doing this, but did suffer stiff neck like you wouldn't believe. Now we only need to begin braiding and sew the rug together which I imagine will take a day or so.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making a rag rug

Sam and I have begun a huge project to make ourselves a rug to replace the dirty and beat up one that sits on the floor now. We are endeavoring to make ourselves an old fashioned braided rag rug using old garments, sheets and anything else we could find as long as they all had a similiar weight or thickness to them. We made a few runs to some thrift stores to buy up whatever might add some color to our finished product. I sat down off and on for a few days cutting strips of fabric which we later sewed together and rolled up on cardboard toilet paper dispensers. The pictures above show three spools of cloth on an ironing board. The next step is to iron the edges of the fabric in so that the fabric will have a neat look in the end. The ironing is tedious and takes hours to finish just one roll but with each step we get closer to actually assembling the rug. On the side we have stayed in doing art at our dining table, eating banana nut bread with strawberries in it and listening to classical music. I feel as though I am in a rush to get creative things done before I have to go back to work to teach. I feel really great that Sam and I are putting our efforts together to make something creative and useful in our little home.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

There's poo in pooL

I haven't written much in a while because there has been little time with all the things we have been up to. It has been extremely creative here at home. Currently Sam and I are setting out to make a giant braided rag rug which is a huge undertaking. I have been cutting 2 inch wide fabric stripes for hours and hours on end. Ever since Sam introduced me to the project I have been driven to get it done as quickly as possible before school begins again for me. I have also added about 8 new works to my shop and have gotten to try out different approaches to making portraits. Isabella and I have done a bit of swimming and she is getting better all the time, but the last time we went to the pool it was evacuated during our public swim time because poo was discovered in the water near the shallower end (Sam says ewwww!) I made sure to bleach myself off when I got home. I posted above some adorable pictures of Jude who is a pleasant and happy soul who loves the company of us to hold him till he falls asleep. He is now 7 weeks old already.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ode to Opa and Oma

Two new works that I have just added to my shop of a once married Dutch set of grandparents from long ago. They are actually Sam's grandparents and both were very much at odds with one another. I am happy about how they came together as seperate drawings but disappointed that they cannot be accurately depicted in digital form. I used photoshop to get them to the closest likeness possible but art can be so difficult to reproduce. Sam and I have been hard at work doing art and staying in. No longer do we suffer from the pangs of cabin fever. I have found that doing a really detailed pencil drawing is extremely peaceful and I can spend hours without notice.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Sam and I have discussed our worries over losing our creativity and our pursuits for our work. It has been difficult to have much time to do much but that doesn't mean I can't work on little projects here and there. Lately I have been working on a new watercolor of Isabella which I will have done in another session but I found it very hard to get back into drawing and painting. I try not to worry so much about what the work will look like but that the work is part of a process of growing as an artist. Today I spent some time constructing new visuals for Jude's mobile that hangs above his pack and play. I have used old leftover cardboard toilet paper dispensers to cut out odd bug shapes, with wings or strange bodies. I painted them white on one side and black on the other and folded them inward so that they have a 3 dimensional look. I am actually quite happy with them. I will try to brainstorm some other little projects for tomorrow so that I am ready for something.