Friday, October 30, 2009

Cat Spy

We have all been sick on and off this week. I barely made it through my teaching day yesterday though the lessons went very well as we were drawing autumn trees and making Jack-o-lantern collages. I was really reluctant to call off of work for the next day so I went home and slept till 7 pm but I felt hardly better so I called out sick. So on this day, Friday, I sat up on the couch and began lacing the braided of our rug together with lacing cord which takes a long time but it is relaxing and rewarding, watching it get bigger as we go. However, Sam and I discovered that if the rug is not layed flat and there are any raised areas than it can cause the rug to not sit flat and it gets worse as you go and so I had to undo an hour or so of work to start over again. Having spent so many hours working on this thing, it is really important that it comes out right. Feeling slightly better I drove Sam and I to Isabella's school for her Halloween parade. Isabella's favorite pasttime is spying on people in the building which she has done on quiet days when we stay in on the weekend. Isabella combined her love of spying with cats and so she is a 'cat spy' for Halloween with the tail and ear accessories. We went into her classroom where her class was having a pot luck lunch and after which we painted Isabella's face. Sam and I did this together, taking turns whenever the other got stuck. We stood out in the yard watching each grade level make their turn around a giant circle to show off their costumes and all to the sound of Halloween related classic tunes like "Werewolf in London, Thriller and Monster Mash." I have been napping since we have gotten home and feel a bit better but still on the mend. Hopefully tomorrow I will be well for Halloween festivities of pumpkin carving, and trick or treating.

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