Thursday, October 8, 2009

No time like the present

Slowly reaching our artistic goals but life sure does make things challenging. School has been keeping me busy and home life with baby Jude keeps us all very busy but Sam and I set a bit of time every other night to work on the rag rug. I have a hankering to do some paintings from the canvases that I built out of an old crate that we have had sitting out on the patio for quite some time. I used the ends that were already in a squarish shape and cut to size masonite boards to fit over the frame which was nailed down with nice old flat head nails. A very rustic frame but what to paint on it? I am eager to paint portraits but do not have a model to work from yet. I have had the thought to photograph some of my students but I see them so much I would rather approach a subject without any excess feeling about them that will get in the way. I prefer having strange new faces to work with that I can interpret in my own way. I am also working towards finishing two new sketch book journals to add to my shop. I have bought a nice sturdy watercolor paper that I think will work very well. Doing a little bit of what makes you happy even for 15 minutes a day does make a difference no matter how hectic ones schedule can be.

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