Thursday, November 12, 2009

High Chair

This is a high chair that I embellished by decorating the tray with vintage childrens book illustrations and then covering it in a epoxy resin material called Envirotech which is perfectly safe when hardened.  Jude is yet too small to be eating let alone sitting in a high chair but it is fun to find reasons to make and improve upon things in your home with a bit of creativity.  I am still working tediously on the rag rug which is more than I ever bargained for but it is coming out beautiful and is now the size of our coffee table.  Poor Sam has tendonitis in both wrists and so she is unable to help but I have learned to lace quite efficiently with all the practice I have been getting.  Yesterday, Sam, Isabella, Jude and I ventured off to route 1 along the coast and down to Santa Cruz to visit one of my favorite beaches.  Isabella and I did most of the exploring seeking out places to climb and overlook the ocean and scour along the ground for pieces of polished abalone shell.  We found one of the biggest tide pools that I have yet seen and it was filled with all sorts of sea plants, starfish, crab, anemones, and purple spikey sea urchin stretching the span of 6 feet and 3 feet deep.  There was very little wind but a high berm from the tide that swept in pulling everything out to sea. 

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