Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Over the Hill for Halloween

Halloween night we went out at about 7 with all of us in painted face except for Jude. I spent a good while trying to make Sam look like a Day of the Dead skeleton but had to keep altering her face painting to look less scary but all in all I believe I heard several small children gasp and cry out when they saw her. Halloween was very different than last year even though we went to the same neighborhood. Sam and I felt that people were a bit put off by our dressing up and collecting candy which we are way over the hill for but I guess we wanted to partake in the fun alongside Isabella. I suppose there is a sadness in knowing that harmless fun that breaks away from social norms and mainstream thinking is often going to be uncomfortable for most people. There were several people that loved that we were all dressed up and congratulated our youthful spirit. To some my ponderings my seem childish but despite all the myriad responsibilities that I have as an adult there still is a childlike part of myself that doesn't want to grow old too soon. Currently I am lacing the rag rug together and seeing it develop little by little, first the size of a potholder, then a table mat, now a small floor mat. I will take pictures of it when I can but it will probably take a few weeks to get to the end of the braided cord.

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