Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Elusive Thief

A stranger came into our building yesterday in the middle of the day and broke into two apartments on the floor above us, one being directly above our apartment.  By the markings on the door jams it was discovered that this person used a pry bar to ease open the doorknob lock which is not difficult to do with the old hardware that is currently on all the doors in the building.  I myself used a flimsy card to crack open my neighbors apartment across the hall when he accidently locked himself out and the building manager was out.  If only the neighbors above had made sure to bolt the second lock on their doors, they might have prevented the theft of their belongings.  Both of apartments had computers stolen and other small expensive items.  The apartments like ours is in the back of the building where it is quiet and on the third floor next to the stairs which would give the thief/thieves an easy escape route as well as distance from all that enter the building.  The building gets so quiet that one could hear anyone coming by stairs or elevator.  We are going to hold a meeting in the lobby with the residents of the building this very evening to discuss measures that can be taken to ensure that our apartments are secure and that we are taking preventive steps to keep out unwanted individuals.

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