Monday, July 26, 2010

Coffee Culture

I am now landed in Canada and have been here for a good two weeks but still feel as unsettled as my first two days.  My travels east, solo rockhounding, was full of precious finds and precarious situations and environments.  I visited Gold Hill, a ghost town in Utah and camped overnight at Topaz Mtn. where I found some precious topaz crystals by sifting through the overdug places at the far end of the arena there rather than pounding away at the rhyolite.  I went above the salt flats of Wendover to find a lovely colorful agate  and chalcedony pieces scattered over the ground each one a different color than the others.  I split shale at a fossil quarry to find trilobytes of different shapes and sizes.  One of my favorite sites was in Wyoming where I found little wind polished pieces of petrified palm wood which hold all the detail of the wood and many containing agate.  Since I have arrived at Sam's parents house my travelling has ceased altogether.  In the first few days here I was working tirelessly on cleaning out the garage to make room for our things which were arriving by truck from California.  We had to remove a lot of stuff from Sam's room just to make a space for ourselves and the process is ongoing.  Our schedules have changed drastically.  We have been getting up around 9 or 10 in the morning eating lunch around 3 and dinner at 9.  By the time both kids are in bed it is just about 10 in the evening and we stay up for several more hours.  The house is overcrowed and it feels closed in and heavy.  I am not at liberty to clean up or out any of the rooms but I have done so in places anyway.  The change has been hard on both Sam and I who are trying to find grounding in this new place.  For me I am out at a coffee shop today to get a break from the house.  At dusk is when the mosquitoes come out and they are absolutely ruthless as they attack you in the droves.