Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Large Original Oil Painting of Erin

Here is my newest painting that I have just added to my shop!  It is an 18 x 20 inch portrait of a woman named Erin who Sam has been friends with for many years.  Erin is an artistic being and a mother of two little boys.  I was drawn to Erin's unique and captivating face which I was eager to paint a portrait of.  More visual details of this painting or purchase information can be found at my online shop: http://www.onetindrum.etsy.com/

My studio

These pictures were taken by Sam of me working on my first two paintings in my little outdoor studio.  I have since made a studio within the garage for a more consistant light source using a number of day light bulbs to provide a lighting that is true to color.  The weather here has been random, with humid haze in one day and autumn cool breezes on another with the occasional lightening storm in between.  I have now paint on all my clothing so far which I suppose I wear with pride.  It is good to make new work.  I used to listen to an Ipod of my favorite music as a source of inspiration but now I prefer the quiet.  At night when I work I am often visited by little mice that climb the shelve and the rafters of the garage space without paying me too much mind. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Small oil painting of Erin

This is a new painting that I have just added into my etsy shop!  It is an oil portrait of a friend in town named Erin who is a mother of two little boys.  She also lives a very creative life of painting and art making with her boys. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Large Erin Painting

This is a new painting that I am doing of the same girl.  The previous painting below has been worked on for two sessions or so but I didn't get a moment to photograph it and will probably do so when it is done.  This painting however is much bigger and has been a real challenge for some reason as I struggled to get the foundation of the facial features right and spent a grand chunk of time editiing.  Some days are just bad painting days where the planetary arrangement plays a part I suppose.  It was a beautiful day to paint outside but doing so I have discovered is challenging when light is continuously changing.  The best days to paint are the over cast ones when the light conditions are stable.  I am thinking about creating a more controlled studio environment in the garage.  This canvas has been put together and gessoed myself but I find the canvas is a dry surface as opposed to masonite even after 4 coats of gesso and sanding in between coats.  Let's see if tomorrow is a more promising day at the easel.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Small Erin Painting

Today looked stormy but I decided that I was going to paint outside anyway and so began this new small painting.  You can see that I had to use boards to elevated the canvas to my eye level as I like to stand when I am painting.  At first I struggled when working in such a small dimension but soon enough the portrait began to come together.  I have several other canvas of this size that I made myself, the stretcher bars assembled from recycled wood.  Each canvas is an object in itself.  I don't know the size off hand but it is about 10 or 11 inches high but not quite a foot.  Erin is a friend of Sam's and I am just getting to know her but I have been delighted to paint her and her son Callum.  I will be looking for other new faces to paint as well.  For the painting above I will work on it until it has a more finished look. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Callum session 5

This is the latest look of a new painting that I am working on. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Callum session 3

The painting is coming along gradually but we have had some rainy days here which makes it impossible to paint.  I noticed that today I was very reluctant to take chances in my work and found myself laboring over areas of the painting rather than working on the painting as a whole.  The colors here are not quite as vibrant as they appear in life and I quickly took a snapshot of this after 6 pm so that I can record the stages of my work after each painting session.  I would like to begin a new painting right away and come back to this one, if only so that I can be again more playful as I felt when I did the Isabella painting. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Isabella Painting

This is a new oil painting of Isabella that is the first done in Canada.  I just made it a new addition to my shop online. 

The Sunday painter is no more

For the last week I have been painting again with oils outside in front of the garage where I keep an easel and table with a big pallette on top.  I get apprehensive about beginning again but as soon as I begin painting again I feel at home.  I like to listen to music on a loaner Ipod I found in the house which is my muse and I paint towards the late afternoon and early evening because the day is coolest at that time.  The above picture is the beginning of a new painting that I am doing of a child of a friend of ours in Port Perry.  Sam takes pictures of my subjects and I get them enlarged at the local grocery store.  I have been painting on board or masonite which I find is a smoother surface than canvas.  The canvas in the painting above I made myself using the ends of a crate we had in our patio garden in California and then cut a piece of board to fit.  I made two that are identical in size.  The other I did a painting of Isabella that I will soon be putting into my esty shop to sell.  Sam and I have been working together to give attention to making art.  Sam gets the morning hours through the afternoon until 3 pm and I get the hours after until dusk.  Today it has been raining since early this morning so if I do not get to paint, I may be working on some little watercolors which I have been doing in my off moments.  The watercolors are abstracts that I get to play around with color, line and composition.