Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Large Erin Painting

This is a new painting that I am doing of the same girl.  The previous painting below has been worked on for two sessions or so but I didn't get a moment to photograph it and will probably do so when it is done.  This painting however is much bigger and has been a real challenge for some reason as I struggled to get the foundation of the facial features right and spent a grand chunk of time editiing.  Some days are just bad painting days where the planetary arrangement plays a part I suppose.  It was a beautiful day to paint outside but doing so I have discovered is challenging when light is continuously changing.  The best days to paint are the over cast ones when the light conditions are stable.  I am thinking about creating a more controlled studio environment in the garage.  This canvas has been put together and gessoed myself but I find the canvas is a dry surface as opposed to masonite even after 4 coats of gesso and sanding in between coats.  Let's see if tomorrow is a more promising day at the easel.

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