Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Small Erin Painting

Today looked stormy but I decided that I was going to paint outside anyway and so began this new small painting.  You can see that I had to use boards to elevated the canvas to my eye level as I like to stand when I am painting.  At first I struggled when working in such a small dimension but soon enough the portrait began to come together.  I have several other canvas of this size that I made myself, the stretcher bars assembled from recycled wood.  Each canvas is an object in itself.  I don't know the size off hand but it is about 10 or 11 inches high but not quite a foot.  Erin is a friend of Sam's and I am just getting to know her but I have been delighted to paint her and her son Callum.  I will be looking for other new faces to paint as well.  For the painting above I will work on it until it has a more finished look. 

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