Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Sunday painter is no more

For the last week I have been painting again with oils outside in front of the garage where I keep an easel and table with a big pallette on top.  I get apprehensive about beginning again but as soon as I begin painting again I feel at home.  I like to listen to music on a loaner Ipod I found in the house which is my muse and I paint towards the late afternoon and early evening because the day is coolest at that time.  The above picture is the beginning of a new painting that I am doing of a child of a friend of ours in Port Perry.  Sam takes pictures of my subjects and I get them enlarged at the local grocery store.  I have been painting on board or masonite which I find is a smoother surface than canvas.  The canvas in the painting above I made myself using the ends of a crate we had in our patio garden in California and then cut a piece of board to fit.  I made two that are identical in size.  The other I did a painting of Isabella that I will soon be putting into my esty shop to sell.  Sam and I have been working together to give attention to making art.  Sam gets the morning hours through the afternoon until 3 pm and I get the hours after until dusk.  Today it has been raining since early this morning so if I do not get to paint, I may be working on some little watercolors which I have been doing in my off moments.  The watercolors are abstracts that I get to play around with color, line and composition. 

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