Thursday, November 25, 2010

Changing of the Seasons

Well winter is definitely here in Scugog which one can tell by the seeping chill that gets inside your bones despite all the layering you can wear.  The icy wind penetrates through your clothes or winds its way up your sleeves, pant legs and the opening of your winter coat.  The sky today is grey from the horizon up, the jack-o-lanterns aged with turned in mouths and squinty eyes, and all between is colorless and gloomy.  My little studio in the garage is no longer adequate and I have now moved down into the basement amongst the sawdust and cobwebs of an old abandoned wood shop which resembled an abandoned ship before I set out to clean it.  Like an archeologist I moved gradually through layers of sediment that coated the floor and all other surfaces.  Evidence that several generations of house mice occupied this area had to be swept up and stacks of tools, wood and wire piled up like the game pick up sticks had to be rearranged and put into some semblance of order.  I am proud to say that hours of exacavating has found me a nice little studio in which I will be making paintings through the winter season.  Sam and I have been working hard to get some things in order for future sales and I have gotten my first commissioned painting to work on as soon as the photographs arrive.  Sam will hopefully have her work up in a few shops, one local, one overseas and another in the states, before Christmas shoppers have completed their purchases.

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