Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Port Perry Christmas Parade

Last night was the Port Perry Christmas parade which took place along Main Street through the center of town.  For once I saw a Christmas parade with snow, which covered the ground outside the high traffic area of strolling pedestrians.  Christmas lights could be seen all over town in sidewalk trees and shop windows.  Outside cafes there was the selling of hot chocolate with generous amounts of whipped cream and tasty things to eat.  We took refuge from the cold in the Native Canadian store Native Focus which is owned and run by friends of ours who also have two little boys.  Inside Erin made hot chocolate for everyone while Jude and I strolled around the store waiting for our chai latte to cool down.  For such a small town I was surprised by the crowd and heard said that some folks had set up their chairs hours before to reserve an ideal spot for viewing the floats.  When the parade began, it began like any other Christmas parade, people dancing around in gift wrapped boxes and folks sitting on hay bales on a flat bed pulled by a semi truck.  But we were really impressed by the animals.  A horse with a winter maiden was adorned with a rope of lights, illuminating the horses features in an ethereal quality.  Reindeer were paraded in next, followed by lions, llamas, sheep, goats, and a girl riding center between the huge humps of a camel.  Jude was up on my shoulders for most of the time in pure contentment, undisturbed by the blaring of horns and drums.  I will openly admit that this small town parade was even better than the Christmas parades held in Oakland California.

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