Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Handmade Journal in my shop

New Chiyogami designed Handmade Sketchook Journal is now available in my shop. 

Handmade Sketchbook Journals

I absolutely love making these books!  I have added two new sketchbook journals to my etsy shop.  As an artist I have always just made my own sketchbooks and did so by choosing the most ideal paper to serve my drawing and sketching needs.  The paper in these are very versatile for an array of art mediums and each book is a one-of-a-kind item all completely made by hand.  To find out more about them you can click on the link

Friday, March 18, 2011

Inspirational Artist

I have never done this before but I am promoting another artist that I discovered on Etsy who has really inspired me with her watercolor pictures of natures gifts and has become a new artist friend as well.  Jody VanB is this artist and she is also a mother of two little boys but manages to do so many paintings on every evening occasion when her little ones are off to bed.  Furthermore, she is a success on Etsy having sold 237 paintings in all in just a little over a year.  I don't suppose my blog gets so many views but I do want to share her work because it is so elegant and pleasing to the eye.  To see more of Jody's work up for sale check out her etsy shop at

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Presenting the DESIGN

I was contacted by a band called the Design who asked to use my octopus etching in a promotional flyer for their show taking place at the Wind Jammer in the Isle of Palms South Carolina.  I love the text worked in with the image which fits together perfectly, they did a really nice job so I asked for a flyer for myself.  I only wish I could check out the live even myself which is to take place on March 31st.  It is a beautiful thing when artists of all kinds can network together via the internet and despite physical distance their lives can come merging together in a way.  The artist who contacted me and is in the band has her own etsy shop too, where she makes really cool wrist bands.  You can find her work at

Friday, March 11, 2011

Go Figure Show

The show had a great turnout and was a delightful gathering of warm and friendly conversationalists.  I was taken aback by all the support and accolades given about my work which was very well received.   I do look forward to having more shows in the future.  Here are some pictures of the opening last night and there will be more to come from Sam's camera.  I was so grateful that everyone who could come came.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Go Figure Art Exhibition

After a 10 year hiatus my work is finally going to be featured in an art exhibition.  I have made my move to Canada a period of artistic renewal and am delighted that in such a life change I was able to produce enough work to present.  The show is taking place in Belleville at Gallery Artplus and has opened on March 3rd with a reception taking place on March 10th from 6-8 pm.  The link below is to the gallery itself and provides photographs of my work, some of which I myself had not had a chance to photograph before getting them out, but paintings look so much better in person.   I am really excited and hope that the show will have a tremendous turnout.  Please stop at the link below to see more information about my work and the show which has 3 other wonderful artists.