Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brief Underpainting for Apple Study

Nothing means so much to me as painting people but I know that an artist should explore other subjects, even those so common as fruit which are so typical in oil painting.  An artist must also challenge their technique and try new approach to painting so that they are not limiting themselves to a formula that may only lead to a narrow path.  I don't paint in any traditional sense at all, especially in my use of colors and so I decided that I would take a more classical approach to painting in several little studies of apples.  This is an underpainting which gives a loose impression of the old apple that I used as my subject.  The underpainting allows one to first develop the form of their subject by establishing lights and darks, giving a solid foundation from which to build the painting up.  Little paintings are not a huge commitment and I can focus primarily on technique without too much bother about composition.  I will attempt to post pictures of each stage as I move into this painting.

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