Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting Out

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day and I began my morning by getting Isabella off to school by 8:00 for a symphony field trip her class was taking in Toronto.  After that I got out the baby seat and laid down some blankets in preparation for picking up my paintings from the Artplus gallery in Belleville where they were being exhibited.  It is a good hour and a half drive to Belleville and I spent it in thought while flipping through music channels on the radio.  When I arrived I met with Dianne who is the gallery coordinator there and she was already in the process of hanging the next show which has a spring theme.  She is very personable and we talked about art and our own struggles and of opportunities.  It made me think of how important it is for an artist to get out once in a while and connect with other artists so that the artist is not stuck in their own bubble which can be quite isolating.  Artists need to be around art and other artists for inspiration and for argument about concepts and ideas.  After loading my paintings I decided to check in on an artist I met at the opening who introduced himself to me.  He and his wife have a jewelry shop in the business strip of Belleville where he also sells his oil paintings of landscapes, figurative works and still lifes.  I was completely blown away by the artistry of the shop in its wares, their display and of the layout of the space.  They even live above their shop in an amazing apartment which was very spacious and well laid out.  We talked over cafe au lait which he made for me on his stove, about art and approaches to painting and I asked simple questions about his methods with his students whom he teaches in the back of the shop.  I stayed for a few hours, looked at his current work and drove home.  It was a very pleasant day indeed.

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