Monday, April 4, 2011

My first Spring Run

Today, the weather was very spring like with a misty rain in the air and being so inspired, and wanting to shed my winter lethargy, I took off on my first spring jog.  I had to root out my jogging pants which were buried deep in a chest full of camping gear and outfitted baby clothes.  My shoes I located one at a time in a heaping pile of other separated pairs consisting of all seasons and sizes.  I didn't care to stretch for the consideration of dormant muscles that haven't been used or thought of through winter.  I just felt like running is the thought that pushed me out the door, along the highway and off past slumbering farm fields and quaint little county homes.  I felt like a man of 50, my pace slow, my steps short but steady and I thought about how soon I would like to be in shape, to feel the power of my body making long strides and calm easy breaths rather than the dizzy feeling I was having.  I thought back to my high school days of running cross country and the flurry of legs and splattered mud after the bang of the starters' pistol.  In those early morning races we often lost footing in the wet grass, following paths through and around woods.  I remember the absurd spectacle of a fellow runner lying on his back in a ditch, wailing in pain from a twisted ankle as we stayed the course.  Running for me has this way of taking me back to my past, maybe in the same way a long drive in my car does, when I am carried away from the present.  However the present does come back fully at the end of my run when I cannot go any further and my body is ready to collapse, then I can relinquish myself fully to the moment with eyes open. 

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