Monday, April 18, 2011

What parents do

Last Friday I decided to go on a trip by myself to seek out some of the waterfalls of Dundas and Hamilton where at one time were native lands before colonizers came and named the land and falls after themselves.  I decided to go to the area that contains Borers Falls which is nestled in a valley with other smaller falls in the center of a few residences and country roads.  There is a trail called the Bruce trail that runs a great distance and traces most of the falls from an escarpment but I am curious enough that I sometimes veer from the path in order to see more.  The many falls north of Borers were at most at a small trickle which surprised me greatly and I stumbled around in the mud and rocky banks to discover bones, one being the full head and teeth of a fox.  Wanted to see more water and falls I climbed out of the valley and drove around to a parking area for Chapel Rock where one can take a trail to the top of Borers Falls, the ticket machine for paid parking was vandalized so parking was free.  I climbed down the rock slopes which is precarious due to all the leaves and eroding material but I was extremely careful.  I was delighted by the amount of water in the stream as it rushed forth but didn't get to see the actual falls.  The bank was strewn with muddy rocks many moss covered and as I was sitting on a rock in the middle of all the rushing water a salmon splashed and dove in my direction.  Being surprised, I felt extremely lucky, realizing that I was witnessing the salmon making their way up stream to lay their eggs.  Some of them were at least 2 feet long!  A very beautiful thing and not often witnessed, this life process, for them the final and dramatic act for the continuation of life through the sacrifice of death.  I stood above the bank in awe.

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  1. the words are great but you didn't bring a camera??
    would have loved to have explored with you.
    did you keep the fox skull?