Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garden Fence Complete

So I finally managed to finish the garden fence which is entirely made up of sticks and branches woven together without any ties or bindings.  It is simple and very pretty and we are excited to design the inner space which will have little places to sit and meditate.  I will probably continue to work on this fence adding more in the spaces to embellish its wild look.  I must say that making this was very cathartic for me, to be in the sun and to work with nature.  Our plan is to grow along the inside perimeter a vining flower like Morning Glory which will weave into the fence work and fill up the spaces.  The garden gets sun all day long so I am sure that such a vining plant will really take off.  Doing this project reminds me that being creative can happen through any medium and all given opportunities outside oil and canvas.  I will chronicle our gardens development as it grows.


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