Thursday, June 23, 2011

Farm Sitting

 Sam looking gorgeous as her pregnant self in a wonderful self portraits. This one taken up at Maple Leaf while we were on vacation shows Sam at about 5 months pregnant.  Tomorrow we will find out if the baby is a boy or a girl,, I am wondering if our hunches are correct..
 Jude is something of a musician as we have noticed, and finds peace whenever one is singing or if he gets a chance to drum on things or strum on the guitar.  Jude also sings in his baby language into anything resembling a microphone.
During our stay in Maple Leaf we took care of the farm pets, Tamarack and Cherry (named after trees) who were strictly outside dogs but would not leave the house area until you took them for a walk and then they might end up chasing things in the woods for a good long while until they decided to come back home.  I myself took adventurous expeditions into the thick woods mired in wet areas and mosquitoes and often made my way along trails that ended abruptly or became more grown in until one could no longer distinguish a trail. On my second night I got lost, the woods going out endlessly with no house to come by, the dogs having left me long before and it began getting dark very quickly, the forest with its canopy of leaves made it ever more dark.  I came upon a large pond and some clearings that still gave me no indication about where I was and I do admit after a good couple of hours I was getting a bit nervous.  By my great fortune I heard a trampling of leaves and sticks and rustle of brush before me, which suddenly appeared the puppy Tamarack followed by his sister Cherry.  They bounded up to me and then sat down with a look that said 'now where are we going.'  I said to Tamarack hoping in some way that he might understand,, 'go home, where's home?'  Tamarack began leading me through the woods but was much too savvy in his navigation through the brambles me to make my way through due to my size and so I had to call him back a couple of times.  Eventually they lead me to the road that took me back up towards the house and I felt an extreme thankfulness for having such knowledgeable and loyal companions.  Needless to say I gave them a good helping of treats when we got back to the house, which was just about when it began raining.  The house had lost electricity for hours and Sam and I sat up by candle light for the night. 

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