Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time Away

 For two weeks we stayed up north in a little town most people have never heard of called Maple Leaf which lies just beyond Bancroft and closer to Maynooth.  Despite the hoards of human devouring bugs being mainly mosquitoes between successions of black flies and horse flies and deer flies and any other fly that can bite bits out of  your flesh, we had an incredible time.  Here is a picturesque shot of the barn which has a floor below outlined by the stone wall where cows were kept in winter I imagine and above a place for hay lofts and equipment though all the hay was taken and the equipment left out in the grass being just an old tractor that is a working miracle.  Let me introduce you to the Maple Leaf farm, a B&B which was formally known as the Old Davis Farm which is still written in large lettering on the face of the barn.  The picture below shows an antique lock on the side of the barn that leads to the bottom floor, inside names and dates inscribed in the boards dating back to 50's.  The grass quickly rose in the span of our two weeks to a chest height that made it impossible to determine the slope or depth of the ground.  A local farmer named Roy brought the outside tractor to life and cut down much of this grass which he would follow up with a baler to collect the grass into convenient cubes for transporting to his hungry horses.  Roy was an ageless sort of fellow stooped and sun worn, looking late in life but sprightly when jumping down from the tractor, was a man of few words but a friendly demeanor and could show one how to grab a dog by his jaw so that they can't bite you.   When entering into the landscape it was necessary that one wear their "armor" being a mosquito net around the head, layers of long sleeved shirts, waterproof boots, bug repellent (3 layers) and courage.

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