Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Art Camp Class 3- Imaginary Animals in the Wild

 So this weeks theme was "art safari" and I had the day to do mixed media with the students and so came up with a neat idea to do imaginary animals with drawn textures in a Rousseau inspired setting.  Students were given a brief mini lesson about mythological creatures and the visiting of distant lands in the time before photographs when artists created elephants from their description.  We then created a drawn jungle or landscape scene which students could do as they chose with some Rousseau reproductions to inspire and some foliage brought in from my backyard.  With some watercolour added the scenes came to life around their animals which have been given raised from the picture surface by foam board squares glued on the back.  Students could also, if time permitted add other pop-out elements using scrap paper and foam board. 


  1. these kids probably don't realize how lucky they are to be learning with you.
    there are some wonderful textures you're getting them to think about!
    way cool

  2. thanks for your kind words Barbara. We had a lot of fun with this one and the kids were very happy with their work. For me I just try to think of something that they will really enjoy while learning about art.