Friday, July 15, 2011

Monumental Structures

This weeks theme was "The Skies the Limit" and I had a day to do sculpture with the kids (ages 6-12) so using the Eiffel tower as a take-off point we designed our own tallest structures but with a amusement park theme added to it.  The students were given very lengthy pieces of cardboard for the walls of their structures to which they could draw in windows, doors and other entrance ways for me to cut out for them (some doors to open and close).  Students constructed their pieces themselves on a cardboard base using masking tape first and then gluing cardboard brackets to secure the work to the base.  We then added embellishments of paper strips and paint to complete our monumental structures. 

I love that each one is very unique from any other and that each student chose to take their own course in this
Haunted House structure with tombstone and broken front door which is falling off its hinges.

One of the eldest students made for herself a decorative castle tower.  If only we had more time I would have had them create a backdrop or a panorama to help create an environment for their work and give a greater sense of scale to their structures.


  1. looks like the kids are really into your ideas and have lots of fun with it

  2. These were a lot of fun to make. I am always curious as to how an idea will come to fruition when applied to making art with kids.