Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Teaching Art to Kids- Earth Invasion

Today was my first day of teaching art summer camp at Meta4 gallery and I had a blast. Each week has a given theme and every day is geared towards a specific medium (Mondays/clay, Tuesdays/Painting, Wed/Mixed Media, Thurs/Sculpture, Friday/Clay (again), so students who come for the week of classes get to explore a theme in very different ways. This weeks theme is 'wide open spaces' and I had mixed media so I initially thought some obvious things like hayfields and the ocean but decided to think more of what would be fun for kids, so I came up with an outer space earth invasion project. We had to imagine ourselves floating out in space looking back at our little planet earth which was being attacked or visited by our own alien beings. We made up a list of what neat beings could descend upon earth for an invasion and came up with giant squid, french toast, pizza men,, etc.. It was good to encourage the kids to really be wild with their imagination to come up with something very unique and they came up with some great ideas. For a 2 1/2 hour class the time went by really fast and I had to constantly keep my eye on the clock so that we could get it all in.. Here is some of the kids work.


  1. teaching kids is a great experience.
    everyone should do it at some point as I think it grounds you, on one hand, and on the other (if you do it right) it allows the kids to "fly" to new places.
    by their work I can see you guys had a great time

  2. kids are so uninhibited in making art which is fun to watch and be a part of.