Thursday, December 29, 2011

Commissioned work

Life has been so very busy and has left no time for a moment to sit and reflect or to pass away idle time.  This is a picture of a painting I recently finished which I was commissioned to do of a grand daughter, to be presented as a Christmas gift.  I don't know how I managed to get it done, having taken a week or so to complete just two days before Christmas eve.  Sam took many pictures of the painting inside minutes before it was collected and so without proper lighting this is the best of them.  No matter how successful I might find the work to be, I am always a bit nervous as to how the work will be received when showing the client. 


  1. Hi Jason,
    Greetings from Tasmania.
    I found your blog through your Etsy shop while I was on a ramble over there - love your child paintings!
    Please post more!

  2. You do beautiful work! :) You should offer custom paintings on your Etsy site (if your time permits). You have a new admirer.

  3. This painting is very sweet and tender. Wonderful work.